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Welcome to Our Vision

Who We Are

Young Artist Initiative (YAI) is an innovative, atypical platform empowering emerging artists through conceptually rooted experiential exhibitions designed to foster community engagement and contribute a unique substance to the landscape of culture, art and music.

Our Latest Exhibition:

Complements & Dichotomies

Young Artist Initiative presented Complements & Dichotomies, a 3-day exhibition organized by the Young Artist Initiative in partnership with Lincoln Road’s #OnLincoln series. The exhibition featured 14 emerging designers and artists. All participating artists were presented with the challenge of interpreting the exhibition’s central thesis: How do aesthetic and functionality converge in the creation of beauty?

So what happens?

Event Model

One Mission

YAI is a representation platform for emerging artists worldwide based in Miami, FL. YAI creates multi-sensory, immersive exhibitions in aspirational spaces and cultural landmarks.


Our priority is our artists. Our artists are the essence of our platform and everything we do is for their benefit. We seek to empower a collective of emerging talent and provide them with the resources to create at their highest capacity.

Innovative at its Roots

The groundbreaking element of YAI is that no two projects are the same. Different venue, thesis, and artists to create a new groundbreaking experience every time.

A Different Kind of Night Out

YAI disrupts the traditional exhibition model with a focus on social interaction between artists and attendees creating the perfect combination of entertainment and culture.

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