The Concept Base:


All artists were presented with the challenge of addressing Technology’s role and impact on the arts across their selected mediums and comprehensively blending visual and metaphorical elements in order to present a personal interpretation of the matter.


Over 1,700 people came out to support Miami's Collective of Young Artists.

Highlight Performance

Rebar Design’s exhibit and Camila Luna’s performance


J Open Heart joined us from LA and Moskalus sent us visuals from Stockholm, Sweden

Venue: Cafeina Miami

Date: March 04, 2016

Concept: Technology and it’s cultural stigmas

The ever-growing presence of Technology in our daily lives has transcended the nature of a “trend” and has come to resemble a strong pillar in the structure of our approach to the life before us. It has changed the way we create, interact, and coexist, and has consequentially brought change to Art.