Lou La Vie

The Concept Base:

A Cultural Renaissance

The Young Artist Initiative presents an exceptional partnership with Lou La Vie and the Miami Micro Theater. With over 1,700 people coming to witness Miami’s cultural renaissance through live art, performances, theater and more.


Over 1,700 people came out to support Miami's Collective of Young Artists.

Highlighted Performance

Avila Arts live performance and Simon Grossman’s live set.


We partnered with the Miami Micro Theater introducing a new art form: theater.

Venue: Lou La Vie

Date: May 7th, 2016

Concept: Cultural Renaissance

The Young Artist Initiative instilled “Renaissance” as the conceptual base with all participating artists challenged with addressing the cultural rebirth occurring in the city of Miami and consider its effects and ramifications on the identity of our city. Their performances and installations existed as reflections of their individual interpretations on the matter, expressed through each of their iconic aesthetics and methodologies.